Automatically switches OFF for peace of mind.

Ever wanted something that will just switch itself on at the weekend? MIONE works like an office coffee machine - you can customize it to switch ON and OFF at the times you want.

A neat water tank that is easy to remove.

The tank has a generous 1.8 liter capacity and is housed neatly on the left side of the machine. Not only is it easy to remove, but also to re-fit.

The Full Cabinet

At the bottom of the machine, the cabinet divides into two trays to catch the used coffee grounds and drain any waste water. The waste and the trays are the only things that you need clean out yourself.

Automatic cleaning means you don't need to clean the inside.

It goes into automatic cleaning mode when it starts up and finishes. The coffee machine is designed with self-cleaning key components to save you unnecessary cleaning. You can also rest assured that it is hygienic.

A wide opening to fillup with coffee beans.

Just pop your favorite coffee beans into the wide filler on top of the machine. A 200g bag will all fit straight in.

Size 450mm (H) x 302mm (W) x 370mm (D)
Coffee Bean Capacity 250g
Water Tank Capacity 1.8 ℓ
Max. Power Consumption 1,400W

Daiohs Espresso Machine's Merits


A cup of coffee at your office, made from freshly ground beans


One-touch Cappuccino, brewed according to authentic Cafe specifications


Equipped with Auto-rinse Function

Expertly Selected Coffee Beans for our Espresso Machine

Professional Coffee Service Malaysia

At a fixed monthly fee, you can enjoy freshly brewed cafe-like-coffee anytime at your office or home

After signing the contract, we would provide the Coffee Machine, Coffee Beans, and other coffee supplies in an easy and speedy process.

Monthly Regular Visit

To ensure our customers can enjoy delicious coffee at any time, customer representative would visit customer's office every month. Our customer representative would also refill the coffee bean to minimize our customers hassle on inventory management.

Free Inspection & Clean-up

customer representative would periodically check the coffee machine and provide clean-up service. Besides providing professional advices on machine operation and placement location, in case of mechanical failure or other abnormal situations, we would also provide free repair service.


"Thank you very much to Joanne of Daiohs from us at the 99 Cafe (Seremban). She teaches us very precise and carefully. On the one hand, if we don't understand, she will explained to us with much details. The coffee beans of Daiohs brand are of a very good quality and aromatics. You can support and trust their coffee machines and beans."

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